Time Off to Find Work

If you have been given notice that you will be Made Redundant, you have a right to request time off work to make arrangements for your future. While you do not have an absolute right to the time off work, you do have a right not to be unreasonably refused it. If you are given time off work, you  are entitled to a proportion of your normal weekly pay for the time taken.

The requirements for the right to time off work in redundancy situations is the same as for redundancy itself. That is, you need to have been employed for at least 2 years and are being made redundant.

The right is a right to request time off:

  • to look for new employment or to make arrangements for training for future employment
  • during working hours — this is time when the employee’s contract of employment requires him to be at work
  • to the extent that is reasonable in the circumstances — the circumstances may include how soon the dismissal is going to take effect, how difficult it is going to be for the employee to find work, what arrangements the employee is proposing, and the requirements of the employer’s business for the employee to remain at work

If an employee has been permitted to take time off, he is also entitled to be paid for it. The rate of pay is effectively the normal pay owing to the employee, calculated as an hourly rate by dividing ‘a week’s pay’ by the number of hours normally worked in the week. If the number of normal hours varies, the hourly rate is calculated over 12 weeks. The maximum the employer is required to pay for time off work during the entire notice period is 40% of a week’s pay.

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